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The Computer Inside You

Notice given September 21, 2017:

The 11th edition of The Computer Inside You was removed by me from this, my old website, on September 21, 2017, because, after an estimated 3,300 hours of work, I’ve completed a new 12th edition of my book, and I’ve given it a new title: A Soliton and its owned Bions (Awareness and Mind), and its subtitle is These Intelligent Particles are how we Survive Death.

I’ve created a new WordPress website for this new 12th edition of my book, and it’s here: https://solitoncentral.com

The seven essays at this johmann.net website are also there at the new WordPress website at https://solitoncentral.com/essays-summary.

Thus, this johmann.net website is now obsolete, replaced by the new WordPress website. However, because some of my essays have had a lot of traffic for many years, I'm going to leave this website up for probably at least a few years.


  About the Author

Essay Descriptions

America American Culture

This essay has these sections:

  • What America Is
  • The Three Legs on which the American Empire Stands
  • The South
  • Wearing the American Brand: Male Circumcision
  • America Says: Bigger is Better
  • America’s Unwashed Assholes
  • Bread and Circuses
  • American Domestic Policy: Divide and Conquer
  Unschooling: Self-Directed Learning is Best

In many countries in the world, children are forced by law to attend school for many years. Most parents cooperate, because they have already been propagandized by the government, schools, and media, to believe that children must attend school for their own benefit. However, there is an alternative in many countries, including America, and that alternative is known as homeschooling. Among the different ways to do homeschooling, there is the teaching method known as unschooling.

Nothing offers more freedom to children and adolescents than the freedom to control their own learning. The unschooling method maximizes this freedom.

This article deals with forced schooling in America, the hidden purpose of this forced schooling, and the homeschooling and unschooling alternative. Also, in the For American Parents section, there is a brief discussion of male genital mutilation (aka circumcision).
  Understanding America’s Drug War

So much has already been written by others on this subject. My focus in this essay is to show how the Drug War makes sense from the standpoint of empire: it serves the American empire.

In this essay I briefly cover the peripheral subject of AIDS. Back in the 1980s, AIDS got a tremendous amount of publicity from the American media as a sexually transmitted virus-caused disease. I was ignorant then, and I believed the media garbage. In 1998 I read Dancing Naked in the Mind Field by Kary Mullis, who is a chemist famous for having invented a method to duplicate sections of DNA. His book had a chapter on AIDS, and what he said about AIDS was all new to me, because until then I had only heard the standard American-media explanation for AIDS. After learning from that book, I read more widely on the subject, including Inventing the AIDS Virus by Peter Duesberg, which I quote from in this essay.

Circumcision is Harmful The Psychological Harm of Male Circumcision

This essay has these sections:

  • The Standard American Circumcision: What it Destroys
  • Mutilated Men have Difficulty Understanding the Sexual Damage
  • Blaming Mother
  • Diminished Body Image and Reduced Self-Esteem
  • Circumcision Makes Anal Intercourse Attractive
  • Sexual Mutilation Shifts its Victims in a Negative Direction
  Monotheism, Imperialism, and Genital Mutilation

This article outlines the connection between monotheism and imperialism, and it explains the reason for monotheism’s close association with genital mutilation.

The Monotheism and Genital Mutilation section makes clear that male genital mutilation (aka circumcision) damages and diminishes the sexual experience for the men who are mutilated, and also for women when they have intercourse with mutilated men.

I myself am a victim of genital mutilation. I was mutilated (circumcised) by the American empire when I was three days old. See my discussion of the reasons for male genital mutilation by the American empire, in my American Culture essay.

Science Big-Bang Bunk

The belief that the universe began roughly 15 billion years ago, in a Big Bang, is widespread. Is this belief correct? According to an observational astronomer, Halton Arp, the answer is no.

Perhaps the British free-thinker, Raeto West, said it best: “I regard the Big Bang as a creation myth for our time.”

This essay debunks the Big-Bang universe, and gives a detailed analysis of how the fictional Big-Bang universe serves its paymaster, the American empire.

  Debunking the Ice Age

In this essay I recount my own experience as I try to arrive at a correct understanding of the Ice Age. Is the Ice Age real? My conclusion is that the Ice Age is a fiction, that serves the American empire.


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